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What Is Pixiu Bracelet?

People love wearing different jewelry items because of their attractive looks, and some people associate different beliefs with such items. The Pixiu bracelet is one of those items that people associate different beliefs with. So, if you are also curious about what it is and why it is so important, then here, we will be discussing everything you need to know.

An insight into What is Pixiu Bracelet?

This bracelet is a very attractive-looking bracelet made with black and golden tones. However, this bracelet holds much more value than its looks alone. This bracelet has a Gold charm of Pixiu that is believed to be an auspicious mythical creature in Chinese culture and traditions.

This creature is believed to bring better fortune for the wearer and for protection from all the obstacles that come in life. It is why this bracelet holds high importance in different cultures and traditions, especially in Chinese.

On which hand should you wear the Pixiu Bracelet?

Wearing this bracelet on the right hand is even more important because it is about wealth and good fortune. It is important to wear this bracelet on the left hand. Why? It is because the left hand is the one that usually receives the wealth and wealth of energy. Being the receptive hand, the left-hand needs to have this bracelet worn.

If you are thinking of wearing this bracelet on the right hand, you are not thinking any good. It is because wearing this bracelet on the right means you are giving away all your good fortune and your wealth energy. So, you must only wear this bracelet on the left hand.

Is it necessary to wear the Pixiu bracelet for a long time?

When we talk about wearing jewelry, people usually like to remove it at night or while bathing. It may go true for all other things that do not hold any special value apart from their looks. However, when it is about the Pixiu bracelets, you must wear yours for a long time.

Wearing this bracelet is not about getting the results straight away. It takes some time to build a bond with you, and a better bond means that your bracelet must serve you better. Another important thing about these bracelets is that you must touch the Pixiu charm every day from head to tail for welcoming wealth energy.

At the same time, you must never touch the eyes and mouth of the charm.

Who can wear the Pixiu bracelet?

If you are a person who wants good fortune, health, and wealth, then you must wear this bracelet. It is especially a good choice for businessmen and women. It is also an amazing choice for the students who are 16 and above for a better future ahead. 

Who should not wear it?

If you believe that this bracelet will bring benefits, you must check the Tai Sui clash in the definite year according to Chinese year. If you face this clash, wearing this bracelet is not a good choice.

Final Thoughts:

You may like different jewelry items, but the Pixiu bracelet looks better than most. It is unique and brings spiritual benefits as well, making it an amazing choice. If you are also looking to increase your collection, then going for it might be a good choice.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022