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Top 916 gold designs

916 gold, also known as yellow gold or 22K gold, is known for its hypnotically pleasing beauty and durability. In addition, 916 gold-based jewelry is far by the purest gold jewelry in the world. Now, you might be wondering then what about 24K gold, right? 

Well, without a doubt, the purest form of gold is 24K. However, as it does not consist of any other metals, such as nickel, copper, and zinc, like 22K gold, it is awfully soft. Thus, it cannot practically be shaped into jewelry. 

Hence, 916 gold jewelry is the most popular in the world. However, as 916 gold possesses great malleability, there are numerous kinds of 916 gold jewelry designs. 

Top 916 gold designs you need to know about:

As specified earlier, there are numerous 916 gold designs. Some of the most popular and mesmerizing ones are specified below. 

  1. 916 gold ball and leaf necklace

One of the most popular 916 gold jewelry you can get is the 916-gold ball and leaf necklace. Just as the name suggests, the necklace is of yellow gold with gold balls and leaves. Each gold ball is separated from another with a golden leaf that looks enthralling. The width of each ball is only 0.37 cm, which is not too big or small, and looks extremely elegant. 

Moreover, the necklace weighs 12.21 grams and has a length of 67 cm. It is perfect for ladies who prefer to wear their necklace a bit low. The pattern of the golden balls in the gold necklace is decent as well. All this makes it a versatile piece of jewelry. 

  1. 916 Gold Abacus Earring

If you are a frequent earrings wearer. Or, love to collect earrings, you got to have the 916 gold abacus earrings. The overall design of these earrings is just unique and blends well with any of your outfits. The fascinating abacus design with moveable beads looks enthralling and provides you with a timeless look. 

Moreover, the abacus designs denote unlimited wealth and positivity. Hence, if symbols mean something to you, 916 gold abacus earring is your gateway. These earrings are available in two different shapes:

  • Heart, and
  • Round.

Round ones are a bit heavier. However, the width and height of both shapes are the same, which are 1.1cm, and 1.1cm, respectively. 

  1. 916 Gold C nail bangle

It is another one of the finest 916 gold jewelry that you can buy. This 916 Bangle Gold has a simple design that highlights decency and grace. This 916 Bangle Gold is perfect for those that want to get a bangle that isn’t too dramatic and fancy. Moreover, this 916 Bangle Gold is a perfect gift that you can give to your loved ones as well.

  1. 916 Gold Amulet Clip

If you want to have a subtle piece of yellow gold jewelry that blends well with your outfit. And does not pop out too much. You can get the 916 Gold Amulet clip. This clip has a subtle and sophisticated design with a hook at the end. The integrated hook helps you attach the clip to your purse, etc., and gives them a more dynamic look. The gold clip weighs 6.32 grams and is 5.5cm tall. It is surely one of the best 916 gold designs.

  1. 916 Gold Bar Charm Slim

If you are a gold lover and are always fascinated by different gold jewelry, check out this gold bar charm. The small gold bar made with 916 gold looks ravishing and cute at the same time.

In addition, the gold bar is slim and does not pop too much. It means you can wear it at multiple events. This charm is available in different models, with each model having a different weight. 

  1. 916 Gold Bear Charm

It is another 916 gold designs that you can get. It is both a charm and a pendant. However, if you want to make this charm a pendant, you need to purchase a chain.

The overall design of the charm/pendant is minimalist, and despite that, it can make you a center of attention. The charm is available in multiple variants. So, make sure to tell the jeweler about which one do you prefer.

  1. 916 Gold Ball Bracelet V5

Made of 916 gold and having a stylish ball design, this gold bracelet is a must-have piece of jewelry. Overall, the bracelet is crafted with love and dedication. The bracelet is multipurpose, and hence it is perfect for everyday wear. This bracelet comes in three different variants. Each variant has a different length and weight. 

You can get some of the best 916 gold designs on the internet. Or by visiting sggoldshop. Remember to always buy 916 gold jewelry from a reputable seller.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022