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How to wear Pixiu Bracelet correctly

Most people know that bracelets are just for women, and they wear them to enhance their beauty. We also believe that the beautiful SG gold shop bracelets are just for wearing on some special occasions, and it is not a fact. SG gold shop is making wonderful designs of gold bracelets, but the luckiest one is the Pixiu bracelet. It is a Chinese symbolic bracelet to bring prosperity and fortune to the person wearing it.

Pixiu bracelets are available with different beads colors having the gold Pixiu in the center. This creature is the sign of wealth as it used to eat gold and silver and bring more wealth. 

How to wear Pixiu bracelet correctly?

Not only buying this bracelet from and wearing it will bring you a fortune but also the way of wearing and carrying it. Following are some reservations and concerns about wearing the Pixiu bracelet correctly. 

First, consider your age whether it is suitable for wearing a Pixiu bracelet. 

The first and most important thing you need to consider before wearing the Pixiu bracelet is to estimate your age. If you are younger than 16 years or older than 70years, you should not wear this precious bracelet. The concerns are because of the creature Pixiu as it does not takes the younger and older eligible for becoming rich. Therefore, the experts do not allow the younger and older people to wear this lucky gem. 

Another thing to keep in mind when wearing a Pixiu bracelet, the woman should not be pregnant. Due to its high energizing nature, it will not show a good impact on the women and baby to be born. 

Wear it in your left hand to bring good luck

After buying the Pixiu bracelet from SG gold shop, you should decide on which wrist you are going to wear. If you use your right hand, you will not be able to bring good luck to you. In Chinese culture, it wearing the lucky gems in the right hand is more admiring and fortune-catching. So, you should wear it in your left hand instead of your right hand. 

Adjust the face of the Pixiu bracelet outwards 

Have you noticed in which direction you are wearing this bracelet? It is necessary to check its direction of wearing as it can be reversed if you do not follow the exact or right direction. So, keep the face of Pixiu in your bracelet outside towards your finger. Otherwise, instead of bringing you wealth and good luck, it will bring some misfortune. 

Take it off when going to bed. 

After spending a good and charming day, you should take it off when you are going to bed. It can affect your sleep if you keep wearing it due to its high energy property. 

Keep touching the Pixiu on your bracelet. 

You should keep touching the Pixiu loaded in your bracelet. It will let the Pixiu know that you are its master, and he will bring wealth to you. 


While wearing the Pixiu bracelet, you should consider your age, left wrist and keep the direction outwards.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022