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How to clean a Pixiu Bracelet

Pixiu bracelet is a sign of fortune to the person buying and wearing it. So, when you buy a Pixiu bracelet, it means you are buying a good luck gem. SG gold shop sells a wonderful variety of Pixiu bracelets with different colors and designs.

 The fact behind this elegant piece of jewelry is more than the beauty, and you need to catch it by exploring. It is the gemstone that can bring you health, money, and the best relationship in your life. So, you should pay attention to keep it clean and full of that positive energy for your fortune. 

How to clean a Pixiu bracelet? 

Cleaning the Pixiu bracelet is not like cleaning other jewelry, but it is something different due to its belief. You need to be conscious and choose the right ways to clean this wonderful Pixiu bracelet to keep refreshing your fortune. Here are some methods of cleaning the Pixiu bracelet. 

  1. Wash under running water 

The first and simple method of cleaning the Pixiu bracelet is to put it under running water. It can also react with water and air and get damaged like other metals. So, when washing with simple water, we need to avoid exposing it to water for a long time. When cleaning under fresh running water, gently rub with your fingers to remove the dust particles and bad luck. But keep in mind, soaps and detergents can cause damage Pixiu bracelet, and rinse all your fortune with water. 

  1. Keep under direct sunshine or moonlight. 

As this precious gem is under consideration for bringing us a fortune, cleaning methods are also different. You can put it under direct sunshine or moonlight. Moonlight has a highly wonderful impact on the Pixiu bracelet. Moonlight cleans it and makes it full of that positive energy to bring fortune to you. Sunlight also has good impacts on cleaning Pixiu bracelet, but it has a few limitations. As the sunlight sometimes is harsher and can damage the sanity of the Pixiu bracelet. 

  1. Use sound to crack dust particles from the Pixiu bracelet. 

You can use the sound to crack the dust particles from the Pixiu bracelet surface and inside. These dust particles can bring impurity to Pixiu bracelet and take away the fortune. The sound vibrations effectively remove the impurities. You can use a singing bowl or a bell to produce sound. Rub the base of the bowl and rotate it clockwise to produce a sound that will remove all impurities. 

  1. Use saltwater to bring its shining back. 

Another simple way is to use the solution of salt and water. When dust particles cover the Pixiu bracelet, it becomes dull. The dull surface of the Pixiu bracelet can block all good things happening to you. So, immediately clean it by dipping it in the salt solution ad rubbing it gently with fingers. 


You can clean the Pixiu bracelet by using moonlight or sunlight, rinsing with clean running water, and using salt solution.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022