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How can you tell if a charm is real gold?

Everyone loves a good pair of gold bangles for wearing or investing purposes. When you visit a gold shop, the chances of finding out various gold bangles designs are quite high. 

Hence, today we will talk more about how you can tell if a charm is a real gold with 10 latest gold bangles designs.

How can you tell if a charm is real gold?

People who invest in their 999 gold charm want to be certain if it is pure or not. There are several ways to deduce if your 999 gold charm is made from real gold.

However, some of the effective ways to do so are mentioned below.

  • Search for the hallmark.
  • Apply a few drops of Nitric acid.
  • Find the density of your 999 gold charm.
  • Use a strong magnet.
  • 10 latest gold bangles designs

So, this will help you to know about 999 Gold Charm authenticy.

Some of the 10 latest gold bangles designs are as follows.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Baby Bangle

The 22k gold baby bangles are among the latest designs. This gold bangle is available in many sizes regarding your wrist sizes. Other designs are one with a ball with a bell, 1 big 2 small balls, cutting design V1, V2, V3, and V4. the price is around $300.00 – $485.00 only.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Ball and Cube Bangle

The weight of these bangles ranges from 15.16 to 15.57 grams. The sizes range from 5.6 to 5.15; hence most customers use it. This bangle is very classy and looks beautiful on your wrist. It has a dual-tone that is gold and silver that can go well with every look. 

It is available for the price of $1,741.00 – $1,824.00.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold bangle 2C

This gold bangle comes in two kinds. The one weighs around 12.35 grams with a size of 5.4 cm, that is has a width of 0.51 cm. The weight of others is up to 8.71 grams with a size of 5.5 cm. The width is 0.38 cm and comes with small balls of dual tones. This bracelet is adjustable as well. The price of this gold bangle is between $1,066.00 – $1,443.00.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Bangle V2

This set of gold bangles is purely traditional look-wise. They have a beautiful shine and can be worn in any style you want. The mentioned set of bangles has a price range from $1,097.00 – $1,139.00 only.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Bangle Wide

This gold bangle is ideal for those people who love wide bangles around their wrists. It has a royal look and can be a good idea to gift to your loved ones. It comes in only one size and shape. Moreover, it weighs around 27.44 grams, comes with a size of 5.9 cm, and the width is up to 2.07 cm. The price of this wide gold bangle is up to $2,967.84 only. 

  1. 22k / 916 gold C design bangle

This gold bangle is very trending nowadays. It is a unisex bangle. A professional craftsman has crafted it. Therefore, if you are looking for a classy yet decent gold bangle, make sure to look into the C design gold bangle.

It weighs 24.41 grams to 27.13 grams and size is up to 6.2 cm. it is available for $2,548.00 – $3,365.00.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Charm Bangle

This bracelet is very pretty and has a heart symbol embedded in it. It has a smooth-cutting finish that completes the whole look of the bangle. A good idea for those who do not want a very heavily embedded gold bangle. The price of the heart gold charm bangle is between $917.00 – $1,238.00.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Heart Abacus Bangle

Made with 916 gold and is quite basic for you to keep in your inventory. This bangle has a sparkle to it that can be very flattering to observe. The price of the gold heart abacus bangle is $1,635.00 only.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Roman numeral Bangle

This bangle made from 22k gold has roman numbers on it. It adds a stylish look to it with a touch of coolness. The price of this bangle is between $3,031.00 – $3,185.00 only.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold ball charm bangle with stopper

This bangle comes with a stopper and can be easily adjusted on your wrists. The cost of this bangle ranges from $1,224.00 – $1,303.00. It is made from tiny balls and comes in a size of 5.6 to 6.4 grams. This bangle has three types, and each one of them has its’ own dimensions.

You can buy the latest gold bangles over the internet or by visiting\. To survey the mentioned bangles, make sure to visit the site.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022