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Gold Wedding Bands: The complete guide

Got a lovely spouse-to-be but can’t decide on a lovely gold wedding ring? Don’t worry. We will provide you the complete guidance about the perfect gold wedding ring for your love to gift on your big day.

We all know that engagement and wedding ring gets most of the attention in a wedding. It occupies significant importance in the lives of both the groom and the bride. Wedding bands are a huge component of your wedding ring and represent eternity. 

Wedding rings signify love and commitment between couples as they are steadfast symbols of love. Here is all you need to know about a gold ring Singapore for your wedding.  Moreover, From choosing the metal, finding your band style to selecting engraving and embellishments.

Gold wedding band: The complete guide to know about

We will guide you to choose the perfect gold ring Singapore for your lovely spouse. A few guidelines will lead you to an as extraordinary wedding ring as your love is!

Wedding band material

The first and the most important step is to choose the material for your wedding ring. Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and titanium is the most common choices. However, palladium and tungsten can also be good ones.

Wedding band style

Wedding band styles are endless. You can search online at Pinterest or browse a few online jewelry websites.  So, you can also visit your favorite jewelry stores to choose which wedding band style suits you the best. When choosing your wedding ring style, ring profiles and ring widths are the important style elements to consider.

Wedding ring stones

Most couples add stones or gems to their wedding rings these days to make their appearance unique and alluring. Pave style adds more sparkle to your wedding ring, giving it a flair look. But if you choose the Pave style in your wedding band, you should consider channel setting to make it secure and long-lasting.

Coming to stones, you should go for substantial rocks, which are more in these days. For example, diamonds, sapphire, or ruby are worth your gold wedding ring.

You can also go for your birthstone into your wedding band if desired.

Engraving or etching

There are endless ways to make the metal of your band a piece of art. Intricate etching is harder to keep clean as it catches a lot of dirt inside its designs. Engraving is more likely to cost up your budget. Engraving from the machine is still not that much expensive, while hand-engraved rings are much more costly but beautiful on the other hand too!


After you get an idea for your wedding ring, set up your budget according to your desires. You can also manage it according to the flexibility in materials of varying costs. In this way, you can get an absolutely lovely wedding ring and not be charged a kidney for it.

Final Remarks:

Do you want to make your big day memorable by getting the perfect gold ring Singapore for your spouse? Make sure to read the above-mentioned details about the perfect gold wedding ring for your loved one.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022