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Gold Chains – Perfect For Special Occasions

Pure gold is not suitable for creating jewellery because it needs to be softer to be customised—alloys of gold in making jewellery vary in carats. There are 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, and 10k, where gold is combined with other metals such as silver, copper, and palladium. Carats are used to compare the purity of each gold alloy. And to compare them with each other, the bigger the carat, the larger the gold content it possesses. Each also differs in colour and purpose. Concerning this, jewellers create different coloured gold jewellery. Your jewellery is still gold even if it is alloyed with other metallic materials. The only difference is the percentage of gold used to produce the jewelry.

Why choose gold chain styles?

Gold always fascinates men, especially wealthy ones who wield incredible power. They buy and wear gold chains to display their tremendous wealth and social status. As they are different styled golden chains available in the market, you can choose one that suits the current fashion & style. 

When you consider a golden chain, what do you think? You can explore different styled golden chains available in the market to consider anyone that goes with your personality. 

Undoubtedly, the gold chain is one of the essential key elements in the men’s ornament section. We have discussed some of the Gold Chain Design below;

What are the different types of gold chains?

Knowing which style best fits your personality can take time and effort with many available options.

Here are some examples of different Mens Gold Chain Styles and how they could best represent you:

Gold Figaro: This traditional gold chain design has three little links that connect to one prominent link in a repeating pattern. It is a look that exudes a subdued air of sophistication and romance.

Solid Link: This gold chain is made of concrete, important links that ooze luxury and power.

Gold Rope: This exquisitely woven gold chain is the epitome of refinement and is subtly understated.

Gold Wheat: This gorgeous gold chain has expertly intertwined links and exudes mystery and wisdom.

These are just a handful of the several types of gold chains that are offered. Whatever your personality type, you may find the perfect gold chain.

Where can I get a gold chain for the best price?

It is easier to view them online before comparing prices at nearby jewellery stores to understand the various designs and kinds of gold chains offered.

Online retailers typically have a larger assortment of gold chains than retail jewellers, which only occasionally provide a modest selection. Enter “gold chain” into a popular search engine like Google or Yahoo to uncover several trustworthy websites focusing on gold chains.

The cost of a gold chain depends upon several variables, like the chain’s size and the gold’s karat. A 24-inch, 14-karat gold chain can cost between $200 and $900.

What things should we consider while purchasing a gold chain?


Decide on the gold chain’s karat.

Always choose 22K or 18K gold chains, as they offer the finest strength/durability ratio and excellent gold purity. While 18K chains are a little darker and can offer a broader range of colours due to the gold itself being coated, 22K gold chains frequently have a bright yellow appearance. For example, 22k / 916 Gold Hollow Italian Monaco Necklace, 22k / 916 Gold lock Necklace, etc.

Choose Your Chain Link Style

Choosing the correct link for your gold chain is essential because it will affect how readily it bends and how likely it is to break.

For example, flat links like the herringbone and omega chains are more likely to twist.

The box and wheat chains are among the best varieties of chain links, according to jewellers. They are sufficiently strong and flexible for everyday use combined with a pendant. The Figaro, the Mariner, the Anchor, the Curb, and the Rope Link Chain are excellent chain link options.

Examine the Chain Clasp.

Any gold chain is only as strong as its clasp. Some chains are long enough to wear through the head and come without a clasp. But occasionally, they are too delicate for those that have a clasp.

Make if the clasp on your gold chain is secure, difficult to open, or breaks easily. Some people might not believe it matters, but if the chain surface is rough and you wear it for an extended period, it might irritate or itch your skin and cause rashes. By running your fingertips over the chain, you can make sure there are no sharp edges that could irritate your skin or catch on your clothing.

Determining the Chain Length

Your choice of chain length will draw attention to certain neck portions. A 16-inch gold chain, for instance, will be higher and closer to your collarbone. The 18-inch gold chain, which will sit over the collarbones, is the most popular length.

With the correct combination of neckline styles, longer lengths than this will lie on your skin and your clothing and can have a dramatic effect.

Check these details before purchasing a gold chain to ensure you spend your money on a fashionable and valuable item. You can explore the authentic online store like SG Gold Shop, which is the Best Place to Buy Gold Chains.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022