Frequently Asked Question

Hi all, 

Take Gold First Instalment, we partner with Grab pay and Fave Pay

Download all the app from Apps Store / Play store. Register the account with them. Verify all the details. 

After that you can purchase the Jewelry within your limit. with this instalment you will only pay 1/4 of the price for the first month. after that you can collect the gold from our store, or we will deliver the next day. After one month you will make the 2nd payment, the payment will auto deduct from your debit card.

Example today you make the purchase, next month the same date will deduct the 2nd payment, and follow the next month will deduct the 3rd payment.

In the event, that you want to make a refund. Have to come down to our shop and return the item in good condition with original package and invoice. We will proceed to refund through the apps. There will be service charge for refund. Depend on different company different amount.

You can use on online to purchase with app. 

All item can be purchase with the apps. As long as within your apps limit.

Thanks boss for support

Hi all 

All our Gold are 999 / 24k Gold or 916 / 22k Gold. All purchase come with company invoice, gift box and gift bag.

We guarantee that all our gold real and pawnable. 

Yes, we can do buy back and trade in your old gold for cash or exchange of new items. 

All trade in have to come down to shop, bring along with your identity information.

All old gold will deduct 18% from the currently gold price.