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Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

You might wonder if you need to put another ring on your fourth finger once you are married if your significant other stunned you with the ideal engagement ring. And if you adore your engagement ring so much, can you wear it by itself after you get married, or do you need to add a wedding band? Let’s settle the debate over wedding rings vs engagement rings once and for all.

Engagement Ring v/s Wedding Ring:

The primary stone in traditional engagement rings is usually set either alone or surrounded by smaller stones. Typically, an engagement ring is presented as part of the proposal or, in the absence of one, at an early stage of the engagement.

In contrast, a wedding ring is generally a plain metal band or an eternity band covered in diamonds that you get at the wedding ceremony and wear going forward. The price gap between engagement rings and wedding bands is typically relatively large; even if the wedding band contains diamonds or other jewels inlaid, its total carat weight generally is lower than that of the engagement ring.

Of course, you are free to disregard convention, and brides have more control over the style and design of their engagement rings. Please clearly understand the difference Between an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

 Are Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings the Same?

Wedding Rings:

Wedding rings might appear vintage, modern, or classic, depending on many design elements. A traditional wedding band provides an uncluttered, timeless design. Typically, it is a single band that is a complete circle and only has diamonds. On the other hand, a modern design ring offers more distinctive variations on the theme, such as intertwined bands or a contoured ring form. Everyone knows the unique embellishments that provide the feeling of eternal love and emotional touch to wedding rings with a classy beauty.

For example, 22k / 916 Gold Bead ring 2 Tone, 22k / 916 Gold Dollar sign Ring by SG Gold Shop. The eternity band, which has diamonds wrapped around the finger, is one wedding ring that has gained tremendous popularity. For all three of the previously mentioned types, eternity bands are available.

Engagement Rings

A little differently, engagement rings are vintage, modern, or classic. The central stone in the ring significantly influences the style of this ring. A traditional engagement ring is one of the most well-liked rings in the classic solitaire setting. 

Contemporary rings are excellent for a standout, more glitzy appearance. Engagement rings are adorned with numerous features and designs throughout the band, just like vintage-inspired wedding rings are.

How to Wear Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Generally, most people wear their engagement and wedding rings together on the fourth finger of their left hand. The tradition makes you wear the wedding band within the engagement ring so that it will be close to your heart.

Some brides love to wear their engagement rings on one hand and their wedding bands on the other, especially if they are very different varieties to pick from.

Do You Need Both?

It ultimately boils down to personal taste. Of course, if you prefer the conventional style. A wedding ring and engagement ring combination is a classic and lovely style, whether you choose a ring with an eternity band set and pavé diamonds or a plain metal band. And creating a stack of three or more rings, frequently using a variety of metals and styles, is a current fashion that won’t go away soon.

Naturally, wearing a single ring is OK to denote your engagement and your (proposed) marital status. Some brides choose to wear just one ring for the following reason:

Compared to a wedding band and engagement ring set, single rings can be more comfortable & unobtrusive and look stunning.

It’s one less ring you must be concerned about misplacing, which is crucial if you’re forgetful.

You need not worry about two bands completely matching; if you don’t buy them as a set, finding a wedding band that matches your engagement ring can be challenging.

One unique ring can be purchased with the money generally set aside for an engagement ring and wedding band.

The final word? There is no right or wrong decision when selecting, creating, or wearing engagement and wedding rings. Ensure choosing rings from our online jewellery store to wear as a symbol of your love and marriage will have lasting significance for you for a very long time. If you have any queries, you can contact us anytime.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022