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Enjoy free same day delivery for order above $200*.
Purchase in 4 interest-free monthly installments or post pay in 30 day.

Buying gold ring in Singapore

Gold ring in singapore has its worth, and most commonly, the visitors buy gold jewelry from Singapore for their loved ones. The SG gold ring Singapore is precious and famous enough among the visitors. Our exclusive collection of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings will bring you to wonder with beautiful designs. 

Now, the rates of gold are not stable and keep fluctuating every day almost. The unexpected rates of gold are scoring wonderful results in the market, and the customers seem much worried. But as buying god ring, Singapore is necessary on some occasions like engagement ceremonies or wedding anniversaries. 

How is SG Gold Shop the best choice?

Apart from the gradual rise in the rates of gold ring Singapore, you need to look into designs, services, and quality. Why do people love to buy gold ring Singapore from SG gold shop? Following are some reasons SG gold shop is a good choice to buy gold ring Singapore. 

  • SG gold shop presents a huge variety. 

SG gold shop stands among the world’s best gold jewelry shops as it brings a huge variety of jewelry and designs. SG gold jewelry brings a variety of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and even gold bars. The people of Singapore and the visitor both love the designs of pendants and gold rings Singapore. We not only sell our designs, but we are preparing jewelry on order by designing it as per your choice. That’s why choosing SG gold shop is the best option to buy gold, either in jewelry or bars. 

  • The quality is never is compromised. 

SG gold shop is working on gaining the trust of people, not gaining money by cheating them. We do not compromise the quality and quantity of the gold. SG gold shop is providing the best quality gold in Singapore to make your event pleasant and trustful when wearing SG gold shop jewelry/ 

  • Best customer service 

SG gold shop also provides the best customer services no matter whether you are buying online or from our shop. 

  • Exchange policy is much more flexible. 

We are not offering a refund policy, but we offer an exchange policy if you find a wrong article or damaged jewelry. You need to keep all its packaging the same as you received and return it within a week. 

Best time to buy gold in Singapore 

When buying gold ring Singapore, you should look for rates and find the best time to buy jewelry. Usually, the companies or the gold shops sell gold very expensive, but throughout the year, there are some moments to buy gold at cheap rates. Following is the guide to finding the right time to buy gold in Singapore. 

  1. Look for the special days to get a discount offer. 

On some special events that may be worldwide or at the national level, you can look for discounted offers. 

  1. Follow the previous gold rates analysis to find the best month to buy gold 

You can also track the analytical graphs of the previous 3 to 4 years to look at when did the gold rate fall usually. March till August, these fluctuations in the gold rate are usually downward with a prominent decrease in the cost value. 

  1. This year not the next year 

If you have money and want to buy gold, don’t delay it to next year as the expectations are worst. So, buy it today instead of waiting for the next year. 


Buying gold ring, Singapore from SG shop needs some guidance about buying related to rate, and this article is all about it.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022