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5 latest 916 gold pendant design

If you love to wear 916 gold pendants specifically made from 916 gold. Then you might know they come in various designs. Pendants look quite delicate around your neck and can go well with almost every look. 

Hence, people, especially women, tend to look out for the various pendant designs. Therefore, today we will discuss the 5 latest gold pendant designs.

5 latest gold pendant designs you need to know about

There are several gold pendant 916 forms and textures. However, some of the latest designs are described in detail below.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold 3D Wire Heart Pendant

This gold pendant 916 is a pure form of gold. It has an average price that ranges from $355.00 – to $364.00. One of the major features to look upon is its’ 3D heart shape. This pendant is available in two forms, and each one has different sizes, shapes, and weights. If you live simple and decent gold pendant 916 designs, this one can be ideal.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold abacus dangling charm pendant

This pendant also comes from 22k gold and looks very classy. This pendant has a quite yellow and golden color to it. Hence, if your skin tone goes well with such undertones, you can prefer buying this one. The gold abacus dangling charm pendant price is $213.23 – $245.55. It is available in further 4 variants. 

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Abacus Fish Pendant

This pendant is unique in terms of looks and finishing. It has a fish shape and is perfect to gift to those fond of them. The Weight is approximately around 4.19 grams, whereas the Width is 1.92 cm. Moreover, the height of 1.87 cm makes it look cute and a delicate gold pendant 916. The cost of this fish pendant is $526.64 only.

  1. 22k / 916 Gold Abacus Key Pendant

The key pendants are also very famous and trending. Such type of pendants doesn’t have restriction on a gender basis. Hence, it can be worn by everyone. The weight of this cool and funky pendant is up to Weight 1.26 grams. That is accompanied by a Width of 0.77 cm and a height of 2.34 cm. This gold pendant has ideal dimensions and can be a good fit for you. 

The price of the 916 gold abacus key pendant is $201.00 only. Therefore, it can be an option for you if you are tight on budget but still want to wear a gold pendant.

  1. 22k / 916 gold alphabet cutting design pendant

Lastly, there are alphabet cutting design pendant options as well. They are manufactured from 916 or 22 karats of gold. You can get the gold pendant based on your name’s initials. They have almost every alphabet that turns into a fine piece of gold jewelry. They have a letter A, B, F, G, H, M, N, O, P, and many more.

The price of these trending gold bangles is up to $117.38 – $164.77 only. Hence, you do not have to worry about the price. As they are quite affordable or not, then you can also buy in monthly installments.

Gold pendants 916 comes in many different designs. To get your preferred style, head to your nearest gold shops. Or visit 

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022