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10 latest abacus gold ring designs

SG gold shop is providing aesthetic styles of different jewelry articles. It is not skipping a single trend, whether on the women’s or men’s sides. SG gold shop has added a fascinating gold ring design in its collection, resenting the Chinese and Japanese trends about fortune. You will find a huge collection of abacus rings, bracelets, and earrings in the SG gold shop. It is grabbing the interest of businessmen and business students. Our collection of abacus rings is attractive and aesthetic, bringing quality products to our customers worldwide. 

10 latest abacus gold ring designs 

Not only in Singapore but also in other countries of the world, SG gold shop is selling its product by developing relationships of trust. If you are looking for the best abacus rings, here you will find the quality and designs in the SG gold shop. These top 10 abacus rings will help to choose the best one for you or your loved one to wish him/her luck. 

  1. Gold half abacus ring 

The elegant design of the abacus ring for the girls and young boys is a gold half abacus ring. SG gold shop has made it by shrinking the width of the ring and adjusting the abacus design. It looks pretty and delicate in the slim fingers of the girl. 

  1. Gold adjustable abacus ring 

We are also working on rings with adjustable designs and sizes. SG gold shop also has added adjustable features in the abacus rings. This gold ring looks tremendous for both males and females. 

  1. Triangle abacus ring design 

Another precious and delicate design to buy for your loved one or yourself that you can find in our shop is a triangle gold abacus ring. This ring is available to single and double triangles having an abacus design in it. 

  1. Rectangle abacus ring design 

Ranking among the best 10 designs, the rectangle abacus ring design has made its place. Its elegant and bigger design is more prominent than other delicate rings. Its prominent design brings more wealth and prosperity to you. 

  1. The square abacus ring design

 Gold square abacus ring design brilliantly covers your finger and brings a pretty look. The business leaders highly recognize this piece of abacus ring. They think that they will gather more wealth from all four sides. 

  1. Gold slim abacus ring 

The most wonderful and delicate abacus ring that you can even present to your fiancé is a slim gold abacus ring. It will help you to propose to your loved one by wishing her success in her life. 

  1. Gold heart abacus ring 

You can also choose a heart abacus ring from SG gold shop. This design is specific for the girls as this design is available in rings and earrings both.

  1. Gold dollar and coin abacus ring 

Dollar and coin abacus ring come with the mixed design of abacus and coin. It looks wonderful and most encouraging to bring money to your business. 

  1. Gold abacus coco ring 

The gold abacus coco ring has abacus designs in the center, and curly-type sides of the ring give it a marvelous look.

  1. Gold abacus angle ring 

The abacus gold rings are also available with the theme of angles. These are more elegant for little youngsters. 

You can choose one of the top 10 best abacus rings from SG gold shop.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022