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10 Affordable Gold Charm Designs

Getting an affordable 999 gold charm can be an amazing addition to your jewelry collection. If you are also looking for the best, unique, latest, and affordable options, then here we have the best options for you.

10 Affordable Gold Charm Designs

Below are the top 10 affordable 999 gold charm options

  1. Gold bar

While this gold bar says 1KG on it, it is only written for cosmetic purposes. This gold bar can be a cute addition to your necklace or bracelet. It is not only good in terms of looks, but it is also super affordable as it is available in a wide range of options.

  1. Blue clover

If you are looking to bring a touch of vibrance to your gold jewelry, then this blue clover is the right one for you. It not only matches with different clothes, but the design is pretty subtle, making it unique.

  1. CC bag

Who doesn’t love chic accessories? Well, this charm will take your love to the next level as this 999 gold charm comes in the shape of a CC bag. Although this feature may not be useful, the opening design of this bag makes it very attractive.

  1. Heart abacus

Hearts never go out of fashion when it is about jewelry. Heart jewelry can also be a perfect gift for your loved one. Well, this is no ordinary heart as it has an abacus in it as well.

  1. $ sign charm

Another abacus 999 gold charm comes in a little different shape and design. It is a perfect choice for necklaces and bracelets because of its inner diameter. The $ sign on it adds to the bling that this charm comes with.

  1. B design

A charm that will bring classiness, elegance, and a minimalist appearance to your jewelry collection. You can use this affordable 999 gold charm as a pendant as well as a charm.

  1. Ball charm

The ball charms have also been in fashion for a long time, and everyone loves them as well. This one is made without any stones, but the dangling ball looks amazing in a necklace. The premium craftsmanship makes it a unique ball charm with hollow spaces within.

  1. Heart charm

Another heart charm, but this one is hollow. This heart charm comes in different sizes and makes an affordable 999 gold charm option for you. It is very lovely and cute in terms of its looks and design.

  1. Fork and Knife

Are you looking to make your necklace, bracelets, and chains unique in a cool way? Adding this charm will do the job for you. It comes in 22K gold, and its lightweight charm makes it a very affordable choice.

  1. High Heel

The last one is another chick accessory gold charm. This heel charm can be your perfect pendant when dressing up cool and looking chic. The high-heel design will make you look cool and stylish at the same time.

Final Remarks:

Having a gold charm means that you can use it in several different ways. It can be in your bangle, bracelet, necklace, chain, or anything else. So, if you also need the best affordable 999 gold charm, then you can get any of those shared above.

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**Updated as at 03/08/2022